Who We Serve

Our intended audience or individuals that we cater to. At Holy Cross Sanctuary, we offer day services specifically designed for senior citizens as well as individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our method aims to ensure that all individuals can gain advantages from an involved, socially enriching, and supportive encounter. We assist individuals, caregivers, and case managers in determining which of our services are most suitable for their unique service requirements.


What we Do

Embracing and cherishing existence,
Taking life one day at a time.

Our members receive personalized support from our compassionate team, allowing them to experience the positive aspects of care. All our efforts are focused on supporting our members to retain their independence and dignity.

Throughout the day, active support is provided to adults who have Down Syndrome, Autism, developmental or intellectual disabilities, as well as aging seniors who may need daily assistance or are facing cognitive decline like Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Furthermore, we offer educational opportunities and relevant materials to our members' families, caregivers, and case managers, ensuring that we keep them informed and maintain regular communication.

Who we work with

Care & Support

Choose wisely for your loved one. We're here to help with your concerns about care, activities, and social engagement. Let us assist you make informed decisions. Our support is genuine.

People We Served
Active Services

Case Managers


We work with case managers and support coordinators to find the best fit for client's needs. By assessing individuals and personalizing, we standardize intake, provide continuous updates, and relay reports for your case notes.

We help ease the administrative burdens of cases while understanding the challenges of helping loved ones. Taking time for yourself is essential. Active Day provides a caring and nurturing environment with open communication for our families, giving them peace of mind. This ensures constant member care and information sharing.